Selecting A School

Selecting the right school for your child can be a time consuming process. Several key decisions will have to be made such as the type of school, including Montessori, private traditional, faith based and daycare.

The Montessori method, when implemented correctly by a school with certified Montessori teachers, classrooms well equipped with Montessori materials and management experienced in the Montessori methodology, provides one of the most enriching and beneficial learning experiences for young children. The Montessori methodology is a hands on and child centric method of early childhood education. Sugar Creek Montessori school’s certified teachers undergo rigorous training in order to specifically identify and assess each child’s individual aptitude. This information is then utilized to focus on areas in which the child is needing improvement. This special attention to each child’s individuality and ability is not as emphasized in traditional schools with large child to teacher ratios, as it is simply impractical.

If you are comparing the fees of Sugar Creek Montessori to other schools, you may wish to also compare All Day program rates. Even if you are not currently considering an All Day program, your needs may change and you may need to opt for this program at a later date. Although childcare centers cannot be compared to the programs and offerings of a Montessori school, if childcare centers are being considered as well, please note that many of these types of centers charge weekly rates. Because some months have 5 weeks, please note that in order to correctly calculate the actual monthly cost based off a weekly rate, be sure to multiply any weekly rates by 4.33 and not by 4. Remember that there are 52 weeks in a year spread over 12 months. 52/12=4.33 weeks per month on average.

After settling on the type (Montessori, private traditional, etc.) of school you feel is right for your child, you will need to consider the various options available to you. Budget, location and reputation may all be considered. As your family budgets for its expenditures, consider the long term and lasting value that a strong foundation can provide for your child. Many children go on to large public or private schools where child to teacher ratios are usually high and individualized teaching not implemented. It is very important that young children have a strong foundation and are exposed to both life skills and academic enrichment so that they will be prepared to handle life’s challenges. We strongly encourage parents to visit the schools they are considering prior to making a final decision. Visiting a school in person is more meaningful than what can be determined from online research or telephone discussions alone. In an age of hectic work schedules and lifestyles, we know that the location of a school relative to your home (or place of employment) is an important factor to consider. However, the location of the school should not be a primary decision. Choose a school on how comfortable you and your child are in that school, its programs and experience of its teachers and leadership.