School Communications

Sugar Creek Montessori school communicates important school policies, events and announcements in the following ways:

1. A ‘Parent Handbook’ is provided to all parents. This is a comprehensive guide that assists parents in understanding the school’s policies and procedures. Sugar Creek Montessori recommends parents to read these guidelines and support the school in instilling this vision.

2. A ‘School Newsletter’ is sent home every month. The school newsletter is a detailed and informative publication that includes educational articles, important reminders and dates for upcoming events such as school and class events, field trips, holidays, volunteering opportunities, etc. If you have not done so already, please sign up for the school newsletter to be delivered to your email box

3. A ‘Class Newsletter/Calendar’ is sent home every month. Parents are informed about learning areas and key activities for each month, such as upcoming parent volunteering opportunities.

4. A Parent Engagement Application (mobile or computer) is utilized for most of our classes. We are currently utilizing Montessori Compass, Bloomz and Remind.

Parent – Teacher Interaction

1. The school organizes ‘Parent Conference Days,’ when teachers and parents meet one on one to review the child’s progress. Additionally, parents can make an appointment to meet teachers anytime throughout the year to discuss their child’s progress. Teachers may also call in for additional sit down conferences, for progress updates and/or asking for parents’ suggestions and support

2. Throughout the year, the school conducts evening ‘Open Houses’ to introduce parents to Montessori methods and to discuss the
transition into the Kindergarten and Elementary

3. Sugar Creek Montessori School also hosts ‘Parent – Children Nights,’ which are exciting evening sessions when children and parents work together using Montessori materials.