Explorers Program

Our Explorer program offers a safe, loving and stimulating environment and caters to a child’s basic needs of trust and nurturing. The Explorer curriculum provides self-paced and individualized learning through interaction with and within the prepared environment. Through this program, children progressively achieve their developmental milestones in emotional, physical, social, linguistic and cognitive skills. Respect and encouragement is given to each child’s emerging personalities. Explorer classrooms and outdoor play facilities are carefully designed for ‘learning through discovery’ and provide opportunities for play and exploration.


Explorers: 12 months and up


Program Options Timings Days Options
Extended Day 9:00am – 2:30pm 5 days/Week
All Day 6:30am – 6:30pm 5 days/Week

Explorers Program Activities

  • Age appropriate lessons and activities
  • Music: Daily incorporation of music and weekly lessons led by our Music teacher
  • Art: Finger painting, paper tearing, gluing/pasting, collage and similar activities
  • Story time: Felt board stories, puppet shows, audio books and similar activities
  • Pre-Reading: Experiencing the joy of observing pictures and listening to stories to enhance vocabulary and basic language skills
  • Exploring different toys, using blocks, shapes, cylinders, puzzles and similar objects
  • Large motor activities and outdoor play: Walking around, ball throwing, sliding, swinging and playing in the sand box

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