Transition Program

The founders of Sugar Creek Montessori school were one of the first in the Houston area to incorporate a “Transition” program to meet the unique developmental and academic needs of 2-3 year olds. This program offers children a natural environment to learn and progress at their own pace. Sugar Creek Montessori believes that the 2+ to 3+ age groups have unique needs and children of this age would ideally not be combined with Toddler or Pre-primary aged children. Sugar Creek Montessori uses a holistic approach that develops a child’s natural desire to learn and discover an innate joy for learning. The Montessori approach enhances children’s independence, self-confidence and prepares them for life. The Transition curriculum aims to provide developmentally appropriate Montessori materials and co-curricular activities in an organized, prepared and well resourced environment.


2+ years to 3+ years


Program Options Timings Days Options
       Half Day 9:00am – 12:00pm 3 days (varies by campus)/Week or 5 days/Week
       Extended Day 9:00am – 2:30pm 3 days/Week or 5 days/Week
       All Day 6:30am – 6:30pm 3 days/Week or 5 days/Week

Transition Program Activities

  • Using Level 1 Montessori materials and methods to learn “practical life skills,” such as etiquette, grace & courtesy, as well as “care of self” and “care of environment”
  • “Whole language approach” to develop vocabulary, reading, writing, listening & speaking skills
  • Recognition of numerals and understanding “number concepts” by using Montessori materials
  • Science exploration and Geographic awareness using Montessori materials
  • Integrated Art activities to explore different media and textures
  • Cultural enrichment with ongoing celebrations such as Fall Festival, different holidays, International Day, Field Day and similar events
  • Daily outdoor play that involves free play and organized games
  • Weekly lessons with the physical education teacher
  • Weekly lessons with the Music teacher
  • Nap time and snack time

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