Posted 2 years ago

7:30 am – 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except school closings with a break in between.

This Administrator position requires that the selected individual possess a skill set and certain key attributes in order to adequately fulfill the requirements of this job.

Required Skillset

Applicants must possess mid to high fluency working with MS Windows and Office, especially Excel, Word, Powerpoint. Must be able to plan, design and create various new documents in addition to being able to improve upon existing documents using the aforementioned programs.

Procare (childcare software) fluency is highly preferred.

Required Attributes

Must be organized, professional, punctual, focused, hard working, accurate, mature, have good judgment, moral, loyal, demonstrate an ability to multi-task, prioritize, problem solve, excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong attention to detail, work well and accomplish assigned tasks without the need for direct supervision and work efficiently, productively and harmoniously in a small team setting.

Must be able to engage and liaise appropriately and professionally with staff and parents of the school.

Specific Duties

Specific duties include working with the Director, Management and Administration team members in the planning, organization and implementation of various school events including, but not limited to: field trips, special events, parent/teacher conferences, student medication, student files, new family inquiries, data entry, assist with accounting functions, student enrollment, class placements, school social media, safety checks of facilities, maintenance reporting and repair oversight, clerical and miscellaneous school related tasks.

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